I was with a friend the other day, and we had a little time to spare before our workout at the gym. We were passing a new community. Looking at each other, we both knew it was time to stop in and see the model homes. We love to go through models because we always find such great decorating ideas. It took about two seconds to make the turn into the drive, and then we were in the house.

It was a stunning home, and anyone I know would love to live there. It had every modern appliance that could be crammed into all that space. The kitchen was a dream, and it was designed by a professional chef. My friend and I would both love to own that home.

One of the major innovations was a Bolton CCTV system in all public areas of the house. There was even a security room where you could look at what was happening in the house. Even the garage was wired. We were both impressed.