One day I was in the mood for fresh bread I proceeded to gather all the ingredients together to begin making my dough. Sitting on the counter was a bucket that I assumed was my flour. I could not wait to smell the heavenly smell of bread baking. I took it out and noticed it felt heavier than it ever had before. I set it on the counter and it made a noticeable thunk. When I took it out of the pan to cut it I felt the weight of it and showed my husband. He asked “What did you do to it?” I said, “Nothing I put in the flour.” and I pointed to the bucket. He started to laugh uncontrollably. I thought he had lost his mind. He said to me. “Honey that’s not flour.” I asked him what it was and he told me it was silica flour. He used it to mix his plaster. Great I just made bread bricks.