It was a day like any other, the sun was shining, grass growing, the typical day in suburbia. I went outside to do some gardening only to find my beloved lilies had been trampled. Who was the culprit? The local children seemed to be the likely suspects. While pondering the desecrated flowers Harrogate I decided to head inside for a quick cup of coffee to help me focus on the task at hand. Once in my sunny yellow kitchen I stood staring out of my window. As I watched my neighbor came outside, noticed the damage to my garden, and stopped. He could potentially be a witness to this botanical crime so I dashed outside to interview him. He looked guilty and quickly revealed that his sleepwalking wife woke up covered in dirt, holding a lily. We shared a laugh and it soon became a joke between the neighbors, case closed.

When I was in elementary school I wanted to be a saxophone player Manchester. My brother was a trumpet player and insisted they were the best. Which is of course the worst thing ever. But when it came time for me to prove why I should play the saxophone, I couldn’t get a single sound out because my front teeth had just been knocked out playing basketball. So instead my parents told me to play something else. Which for the longest time I had thought that would end my musical career. So I decided to play percussion instead. Today I am playing in my colleges’ marching band competition, with a solo of my own. But still, I have to wonder, what would have happened had I insisted on playing the saxophone when I was younger. Either way, I still beat out my brothers trumpet playing!

I was with a friend the other day, and we had a little time to spare before our workout at the gym. We were passing a new community. Looking at each other, we both knew it was time to stop in and see the model homes. We love to go through models because we always find such great decorating ideas. It took about two seconds to make the turn into the drive, and then we were in the house.

It was a stunning home, and anyone I know would love to live there. It had every modern appliance that could be crammed into all that space. The kitchen was a dream, and it was designed by a professional chef. My friend and I would both love to own that home.

One of the major innovations was a Bolton CCTV system in all public areas of the house. There was even a security room where you could look at what was happening in the house. Even the garage was wired. We were both impressed.

During college I worked as a bridal makeup artist Manchester in local department store. My job was to give makeovers to customers and sell the products. One Saturday morning a lady approached me about our makeovers. I should have known it was going to be an unusual day when she asked, “Do you take customer requests?” She proceeded to tell me that she was getting married later that afternoon and had never actually met her fiancé in person. They had an on-line relationship and she had not been very honest when she described herself. She even went so far as to send him slightly blurry not well lit pictures. This woman was 5’8″, average size build, long brown hair. She was a pretty, Caucasian woman that obviously frequented the tanning bed. Her request for me that Saturday? She needed to look like Beyoncé, she told her fiancé she looked just like Beyoncé.

When old age strikes, one of the first things that goes is the hearing. I was sitting on the front porch one afternoon, minding my own business, when a group of teenagers walked by on the sidewalk. I started to say hello, but I know how some of the younger people can be these days. They started talking about something to do with the yard. Naturally, I thought they were planning something awful like throwing dirt on it or digging up holes. One of the teenagers came up to the porch and asked if I would like for them to egg the yard. Immediately, I told the teen to get off the property. The next day, my daughter came by and wanted to know if anyone had come by to do the weed eating and edging because there was a group of kids who wanted to help. Hearing aids Stockport would be a benefit to me.